56 Divided by What Equals 82?

Accepted Solution


Solving the Problem: 56 Divided by What Equals 82

Here, we are dealing with an algebraic problem where 'what' is considered as a variable. In such scenarios, 'x' is most commonly used as a variable. In this particular problem, we are trying to find the value of 'x' such that when 56 is divided by it, the result is 82.

The equation for that would look something like this:

\[ \frac{56}{x} = 82 \]

In order to solve this equation, and find the value of 'x', we would need to isolate 'x' on one side of the equation. To do this, we would first multiply both sides by 'x' to eliminate it from the denominator, resulting in the new equation:

\[56 = 82*x\]

Then, we can isolate 'x' by dividing both sides by 82, giving us our final equation:

\[ \frac{56}{82} = x \]

Upon simplifying the equation, we can finally solve for 'x'. In such cases, solutions are usually rounded to the nearest three decimal places if required. Here, the solution for 'x' is:

\[x = 0.683\]

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